Specialized equipment for security check

We offer a wide range of special equipment applicable to safety systems, including : Operational Reconnaissance Systems, X-ray scanners, devices for screening, pyrotechnic equipment, inspection equipment and forensic suitcases. All devices have the legally required certificates and approvals for work, and additionally some of them may be used in extreme conditions.

Integrated Optoelectronic Systems

Integrated Optoelectronic systems are designed for use in military and other uniformed services, as well as civil institutions that are obliged to ensure the required safety procedures. These systems are based on the latest technical and technological solutions of leading world manufacturers. ISB takes integration challenges in creating dedicated security systems.

Research and Development

As part of the Operational Plan “Innovative Economy and Intelligent Development”,  Institute conducts research and development related to integrated safety systems. Along with the optoelectronics and computer specialists from the national scientific research centers we are working on new solutions, monitoring, tracking and recording using the most advanced equipment and specialized equipment having a plurality of different applications military, police and public.

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Trade secret

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Expert advice

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Institute of Security Systems has been invited to participate in international military exercises ANAKONDA-16 which took place on 7-17.06.2016 . The main presented product of the ISB was Reconnaissance and Video Surveillance Vehicle. These exercises took place at the military airport in Ziemsko that is part of the military training ground in Drawsko Pomorskie.

The Reconnaissance and Video Surveillance Vehicle is a special vehicle meant to be used in tasks related to securing higher risk areas. Due to the unique technical solutions applied, it was designed mainly for the Border Guard and Special Forces.

The vehicle RVSV aroused widespread interest among the participants of exercises (both domestic and foreign) and, once again confirmed its value and operational efficiency in harsh battlefield.


Anti Drones AUDS System

AUDS (system of defense against drones) used to disrupting and neutralizing drones in the air performing a Surveillance hostile action and potentially harmful operations.

AUDS is an intelligent sensor and effector, which can detect the distance the small unmanned aerial vehicles, and then track and classify them before allowing the exercise of options disruption of their operations. The system can be used both in urban areas and outside them in order to prevent the use of drones to terrorist attacks, acts of espionage or other malicious actions in the infrastructure of strategic importance.

Show of solutions for special applications

Between 20 - 22 October 2015 in Bielsko Biala in Bielsko Aviation Technology Park, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, held a technical conference "Special security solutions for critical infrastructure". We thank all the participants for consideration.


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  • Equipment for security checks

    In October 2015. transformation of the passenger terminal port of Lavrion in Greece in modern and functional passenger terminal equipped with the most modern equipment to control people and cargo came to an end. The main supplier of specialized equipment valued at approximately € 400 000 was the company EASTIMAGE - a global manufacturer of equipment for security checks.

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    Between 20th and 22nd of October 2015 in Bielsko Biala in Bielsko Aviation Technology Park, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, held a technical conference "Special security solutions for critical infrastructure".

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